How Can I Get to Heaven?

Everyone’s got an opinion on how to get to heaven. Some are based on facts, interpretations, feelings, even imagination. And people get upset about it.

I’m not here to fuel any emotional tirades about how people get into heaven, or even if there is a heaven. I’m not here to beat people into submission with my Jesus stick. I’m just here to give you my understanding. You’re here most likely because you Google’d how you can get to heaven. You ask, Google answers. So don’t go breaking out the crosses just yet.

We could get into the nitty gritty, and I could start spouting Bible verses and things you don’t care about, or I could just answer the question. So how about I just answer the question.

Trusting that Jesus is the only way for you to get to heaven is all there is.

That’s it. I mean, there’s more things that are good for life after that, but the biggest thing is also the easiest. If you’re searching for answers about how you get to heaven, you likely already realize that people are screwed up, you’re a little screwed up, and that there’s reason for you to not be in a perfect place. You may even feel like you need to do some kind of penance or self-flagellation to atone for things you’ve done in the past. Not so. Jesus did all the work. He put in the effort so that all you’d have to do is trust he’s capable, that he did all that was necessary, and that God accepts and wants to build into your life in a special way.

Is that it?

Yes and no. There’s a lot more to be learned, but yes, in a nutshell, that’s it. If you believe that, and you trust that he’s the only way you get to heaven, congratulations. The other stuff can be worked out later. No tricks, no things to pile on top. It is the start of a process that can change you if you let it, but if you really trust Jesus as the way into heaven, then there’s reason to celebrate.

Don’t ever let someone convince you there are extra requirements. Don’t let people tell you that you need to ally with some political party, or that you have to do this list of good things.

I would recommend you find a Bible somewhere. If you go to buy one, the New Living Translation is pretty easy to understand, and it’s a good translation of what was originally written into English. Another good option is the Message version. It’s not really a translation–more of a paraphrase–but it helps give the gist of what it’s saying.

It’s also really helpful to find someone who knows the Bible to explain some things to you. There are lots of churches, and that can all get a little confusing. If you can find one that has “Bible” in the name, a lot of the time the pastors there understand the Bible pretty well.

I do hope that everyone who stumbles across this site accepts Jesus at some point in their lives. And if you trusted him, and if you’ve figured out that you can get to heaven, I also hope that you don’t let that be the end for this life. There is a lot of extra life to be lived if you find purpose in Jesus beyond just learning how you get to heaven.

Wish you the best.

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